Rooftop Garden in Cannes © Fürst Architiects


GARDEN on TOP – The english version

Gardening on a higher plane — a showcase of the best rooftop gardens from across the globe.

An exploration of rooftop gardening, this book gives insight into the urban phenomenon by
presenting the best work from world-renowned architects and garden designers.Examining the challenges rooftop gardens face—sun, rain, storms, and a lack of ground beneath
the roots—this book studies rooftop gardens in five continents. Furthermore, it explores all the
appropriate accoutrements that ought to accompany a modern rooftop garden, such as contemporary
materials, trendy furniture, modern light installations, and of course, tried and tested plants.

  • Intensive or extensive – what roof gardens ‚give‘ us
  • Secret gardens – very private lifestyle oases Public places
  • roof gardens for all
  • The challenge – sun, rain, storms and no ground beneath the roots
  • Rising to the challenge – tried and tested specimens from the plant world
  • Looking forward – the future of ‚green roofs‘

GARDEN on TOP – Designing Gardens on the Highest Level

GARDEN on TOP – Designing Gardens on the Highest Level
Unique Ideas for Roof Gardens
by Barbara P. Meister

CADMOS Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 978-0857885623

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